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their fami▓ly dependents to perform garrison duties as frontier guards on the Hulunbuir Grassland. Their descendants are n▓ow the inhabitants of the Ewenki Autonomous Banner.Kenya, Uganda MPs resolve to avert illicit cross-border crimeKIT

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ALE, Kenya, April 1(Xinhua) -- Kenyan and Ugandan lawmakers ende▓d three-day peace dialogue in the western Kenyan town of Kitale by petitioning their governments to devel▓op appropriate mechanis

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ms to prevent and eradicate il▓licit cross border activities particularly cattle rustling. The legislato▓rs said systematic and comprehensive measures should be adopted by the two states to address illegal cross border and e

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nsure its ▓negative social and economic consequences are eradic▓ated to secure people's livelihood. Ekwee Ethuro and Sammy Agwel from Kenya and Ugandan respectively led the MPs to challenge the gov▓ernments to come up with legisl

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ative measures to tackle cattle raids menace. The legislators▓ expressed concern over the proliferation of small arms in the eastern Africa region which has fueled commercialized cattle raids. The two states, they demanded should develop a network to trace the sources an

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d those behind smuggling of weapons to the region. "The two governments should utilize in▓telligence agencies to network and destroy the we


apon syndicate smuggled into the region," urge▓d Julius Murgor, MP for Kapenguria. The leg▓islators observed that the areas along the


border have had ▓its development ruined by the persistent raids an▓d banditry with families left in pangs of▓ ravaging poverty. Rift Valley P


rovincial Commissioner (PC▓) Hassan Noor who represented Kenya's ▓Internal Security Minister Prof. George Sa▓itoti challenged the MPs

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